Fuel Your Lifting Workouts So You Get Stronger & Feel Badass

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You Can't Under-fuel Your Way to a Stronger Body & More Muscle

To get stronger, women need to work smarter, not harder and....


Dieting hard and restricting food won't cut it. Learn the strategy to fuel without weighing / logging every bite of food.


Smashing yourself with exercise isn't a long-term plan. Learn how to progressively overload your workouts & build strength.


Running on empty? You get stronger when you recover from your workouts. Implement a recovery plan that works with your body.


“I'm much more aware of my hunger signals during the day, and I'm able to fuel myself consistently throughout the day without getting to the evening and feeling like I need to eat all the things."

— Leslie F.

"I focus on what my body can do instead of what I don't like about its appearance. I've stopped restrictive dieting and am able to enjoy all different types of foods."

— Julia N.

Hey, I'm Steph Gaudreau!

I have a vision that one day little girls will grow up into women who strong women who embrace their bodies, know their worth and take up space...

...without the pressure of diets, the scale, or exercise as punishment.

I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and strength coach who's on a mission to help women around the world lift weights, get stronger, and experience the life-changing magic of focusing on what their bodies can do instead of only on what they look like.

I've guided thousands of women in my online strength & nutrition programs and private coaching; written three best-selling books; hosted a long-running podcast; and led a huge online community of badass women.

I'm here to guide you with a unique mix of nutrition strategy, strength training know-how, and food psychology experience that will help you see and feel the results from all your hard work, in less time, and without having to do it all alone.

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