"...listening to myself, my mind, my body has freed me..."

  • Build your healthiest body
  • Ditch all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to food
  • Confidently read & trust your body’s signs and signals 
  • Root out negative self-talk
  • Break up with diet and exercise shoulds for good
  • Tap into your inner intelligence (stop second-guessing!)
  • Live life on your own terms

You want to...

  • Have your healthiest, happiest body
  • Get your energy back so you can do the things that light you up
  • Eat the foods that make you feel best without falling into diet jail or fuck it all eating
  • Decode your body's signals so you can honor them with ease
  • Swap self-consciousness for self-confidence
  • Quiet the negative voice in your head that keeps you from living bigger and bolder
  • Stop judging and should'ing all over yourself
  • Truly care for yourself again from a place of loving kindness instead of negative 'motivation' (that shit doesn't work and you know it)
  • Look in the mirror and know that you are enough and worthy...as is, always
  • Find flow and resilience...no more burnout out or ending up constantly injured
  • Set boundaries so you can say YES to the things that matter and NO to what doesn't

The Listen to Your Body Method =

Wisdom + Strength + Flow

In this 10-week small group mentoring experience, you'll dive deeply into the tools to build your healthiest body. You'll shift your mindset and how to you relate to food and your body.

This is a guided experience meaning I'll be there to mentor, coach, and guide you along the way. The Method is a high-impact sprint.

If you're not afraid to start getting curious and going inward to understand your body and yourself better, this is for you. If you crave community and accountability, we've got you.

10 weeks of learning, unpacking, growing and thriving = a whole new relationship with food, exercise, self-talk, and your body.


That self-hatred is [now] essentially gone. Listening to myself, my mind, my body has freed me from that.

— Heather

I'm your mentor, Steph Gaudreau.

My mission is to help many purpose-driven women as possible build their healthiest body so they can make the world a better place. Cuz we have thriving to do, and it's time to stop fucking around.

The Listen to Your Body Method is a the culmination of a decade of intense professional education – Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and USA Weightlifting coach – and personal growth. I've distilled down the most impactful lessons and strategies for building body trust into this one high-impact experience.

What building my healthiest body looked like:

Mending my restrictive relationship with food that kept me fearing calories, carbs, fat, and what would happen if I didn't eat perfectly.

Discovering and digging out the roots of all-consuming perfectionism and negative self-talk and criticism.

Tuning into my body's unique signals and intuition style after decades of not trusting my body.

Developing flexibility instead of rigidity around food and exercise.

Writing a new narrative about who I am, what success means to me, and how I find fulfillment and purpose.

Letting go of chronic not-good-enoughness and instead developing a deep sense of self-worth.

All of this – and more – are available to you with the inner work you'll do in the Listen to Your Body Method.


Client Transformations


The Listen to Your Body Method is a high-impact mentorship that will help you build your healthiest body in a small group setting that combines learning about yourself, action-taking, community support, and coaching.


Get access to 8 deep-dive modules with video/audio and worksheets for self-discovery. Your access to the modules continues for the life of the program.


This is where the magic happens. Get on live mentoring or Q&A calls every week to accelerate your progress! Work through sticking points in real time.


When we go together, we go far. You'll be part of a supportive and brave community space with others working toward a common goal.

I can trust myself to open the fridge and grab something to eat.

— Karen

Real Talk Moment...

It's hard to build your healthiest body when you're stuck deep down in it:

  • Cutting back.
  • Restricting.
  • "Getting control" over food.
  • Not trusting your body.
  • "Motivating" yourself with shame.
  • Trying harder with nothing to show for it.
  • Pushing through pain.
  • Soothing emotions with food.
  • Denying yourself joy, pleasure, and fun.
  • Listening to everyone else's definition of what's best.
  • Feeling crushed by self-consciousness.

The Listen to Your Body Method gives you the tools to build your healthiest body.

It's not a rigid plan of what to eat, how to exercise, and what to think.

These are tools of getting to know your body and yourself that you'll use over and over.

Client Transformations

With The Method, you'll...

  • Eat what you want with zero guilt
  • Master reading your body's own signs and signals
  • Stop the fuck-it-all eating spiral before it starts
  • Eat intuitively without weighing, counting or measuring your food ever again
  • Reprogram self-limiting beliefs (aka brain junk!)
  • Have previously "off-limits" foods around without losing control
  • Trust your inner voice & your body
  • Value yourself no matter what the scale says
  • Develop resilience and flexible thinking (so when frustrating things happen, you don't freeze)
  • Start every Monday with optimism...instead another diet
  • Be kind to yourself amidst uncertainty (like in a global pandemic)

Are You a Match?

We're looking for a specific kind of person, and you might be a match! Qualities we're looking for:

  • You're a purpose driven woman who want to change the world for the better, and has dreams of making an impact.
  • You're willing to be coachable as hell & to give and receive support in community
  • You flip-flop between all-or-nothing thinking and you're ready to find the middle ground
  • You're super self-conscious and tired of living life on the sidelines
  • You live so much for everyone else's shoulds that you don't even know your body or yourself anymore
  • You believe that when you pay, you pay attention & investing in your own growth is essential
  • You're a swear-y person who appreciates a well-placed F bomb
  • You're ready to set purposeful weight loss aside as your primary focus and instead get to the root of why you feel unworthy
  • You believe that all Black lives matter, that BMI is bullshit, and that all bodies deserve respect. Oh, and you're an all-around-cool-ass-human.

...I've had peace of mind or freedom to be completely okay with this body that I'm in.

— Nikki

What Will I Do in The Method?

Here's a spin through each module in the Listen to Your Body Method to build your healthiest body. You won't just learn the what...you'll apply these lessons to yourself and take action because action = growth!

Module 1 - Embody Enoughness

Uncover the roots of "never enoughness," limiting self-narratives, and societal conditioning around food, body, and trusting yourself.

Module 2 - Mend Your Mindset

Develop awareness of your mind and inner landscape. Investigate thought patterns and beliefs, feelings, and actions. Learn how to intervene to reduce negative self-talk.

Module 3 - Sense Your Signals

Your body is always communicating with you in unique ways. Start tuning in to those frequencies and gain deeper understanding of body sensations and your emotions.

Module 4 - Use Your Intuition

Intuition is a fucking superpower! It's your inner intelligence that always has your back. Learn how your intuition gets your attention and how to start trusting it for big and small decisions.

Module 5 - Live in Rhythm

Discover the most powerful way shift from exhausted and running on zero energy to spacious and relaxed...and get insights about your own rhythms.

Module 6 - Set Your Boundaries

Do you chronically say yes to shit you don't want to do...then end up resentful? Are you independent to a fault and drowning in work or life commitments? In this module, you'll set boundaries that free up energy for what matters most.

Module 7 - Cultivate Compassion

Learn why shame is never a motivator and get insight into the power of self-compassion...plus the most powerful techniques for extending yourself loving kindness.

Module 8 - Power Your Purpose

You have purpose, and it's time to start serving that purpose from a place of alignment, authenticity, and expansiveness. You're fucking incredible...time to shine that light. Get clear on what you love and how to live into what brings you joy.

It's never just about the food...and you've got to take a look at the whole person.

— Liz


Can't I learn these things from Google / YouTube / a free podcast?

Having been a coach and been in numerous coaching programs myself, here's the answer: You can learn the surface-level what or why...but going deep on the how happens best with coaching. And, would you rather spend all your free time Googling and looking for random articles and resources, or...tuck into a proven system that will get you results in a much shorter amount of time? Your time and energy are valuable!

The value of a coach / mentor is three-fold:

  • They easily illuminate gaps in your thinking or knowledge with objective observation. When you're so close to your own life, it's harder to see those gaps.
  • They help you implement evidence-based strategies that fit your goals and desires for faster results.
  • They offer support and encouragement when things don't go perfectly...so instead of quitting you dust yourself off and keep on going!

When does the Listen to Your Body Method start?

Early November 2020.

How much time will this take each week?

Every week, there will be a 90-120 minute learning/coaching or Q&A call. You’ll have reflections / self-investigations to complete. Expect to spend about 3 hours a week on the Method. It's like taking an in-depth course for a quarter.

What if I miss a call?

There will be recordings available.

Will I get personal attention?

Absolutely. The group size will be small and I'm there to coach and mentor you every step of the way.

Is this nutrition coaching? Will I lose weight?

Though we will touch on food and your relationship to it, this isn’t specific nutrition coaching. What you will do is build your healthiest body. You'll explore is the role diet beliefs, your mindset, your body signals, and your intuition play in your relationship to food. The framework is closely aligned to both Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.

Is this therapy?

Therapy is great, and there’s no shame in receiving therapy for your mental health, to resolve trauma, and to heal painful past experiences. The LTYB framework draws on several different disciplines and is most similar to life coaching where we focus on creating new actions and outcomes. Many of my clients, past and present, also have therapists and this work is often very synergistic!

Do you have a guarantee?

If you show up and do the work, you will get results...big ones! Complete all 8 modules & we'll surprise you with a special treat.

However, if after participating in the first week of the Listen to Your Body Method, doing the activities and attending mentoring, you think we aren't the right fit, you may request a refund and forfeit your access to any program materials. No refunds will be granted after Monday November 3.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. We can chat payment plans when we have our discovery call :)

More Client Wins

I felt less guilty about having a treat...not beating myself up as much.

— Kristie


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