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Learn How to Stop Fighting Your Body & Step Into Trust + Freedom

You'll learn the five key lessons I wish I knew 10 years ago when I started the journey to trust my food choices, focus on what my body could do, and ultimately, lean into love, acceptance, and confidence.

If I could do it all over again, these are the exact things I'd do. And I'm sharing them with you in this free course.

We start on Monday, October 12!

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It's hard to trust your body when you've been fighting it for so long.

I feel you!

Ten years ago, I reached my breaking point. After years of picking my body apart on the daily, obsessing about food, and trying to be perfect, I reached my limit.

It took me almost a decade to learn and gather all the tools that helped me build trust in my body.

I went from frantic to spacious.

From judging my food choices to eating freely, without guilt.

From fighting my body to confident.

Sure, the best time to start would have been 10 years ago. But the second-best time is now.

I'm teaching you the exact framework to deeply tune into your body in this free #ListenToYourBody course.

We start Monday, October 12!


How it works:

We'll spend five days learning together with live #ListenToYourBody classes. And you'll get to work right away.

Class 1

Tuned In Body Framework + Motivators

Monday, October 12 at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. Learn the 3 keys of building trust with your body and how to identify your here-and-now motivators so you never lose momentum.

Class 2

Body Wisdom

Tuesday, October 13 at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. You'll discover how to tune into your body's wisdom and find clarity in all the contradicting diet and fitness info that's keeping you confused.

Class 3

Body Strength

Wednesday, October 14 at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. Hear 3 steps to build a body that's strong and resilient in a way that works for you and you can sustain...instead of always stopping and starting and getting nowhere.

Class 4

Body Flow

Thursday, October 15 at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. See the surprising #1 shift that will take you from exhausted, drained, and running on zero energy to spacious, easeful, and relaxed.

Class 5


Friday, October 16 at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. Discover your next steps...and there might be a few surprises!

Hey, I'm Steph.

I'm the creator of the Listen to Your Body Podcast and Tune In membership.

My mission is to mentor purpose-driven women as they leave food obsession and body hate behind and start building strength, confidence, and trust in my body.

When I started in the online nutrition space a decade ago, it was to share my journey with moving away from traditional diets and exercise as punishment. Slowly, I began to experiment with nourishing my body and focusing on what it could do and mending the hurts that made me feel "never enough." Since then, I've mentored thousands of women as they've developed trust in their bodies.

If you're here, you're probably drained by constantly hating on yourself and your body. You're so tired of being stressed out by food choices. You're ready to start seeing your body as a trusted friend instead of an enemy.

You won't get there by jumping on the next diet craze. You get there by developing body trust.

I'll see you inside the free course on October 12!



What if I miss a live class?

You'll definitely get the most out of this free course if you attend live, so mark the dates in your calendar. Change starts with a commitment to yourself. But if you miss a class, there will be a replay for a limited time.

Is this course for me?

The free #ListenToYourBody course is for purpose-driven women who are on the journey to leave dieting and body hate behind. You're a great fit if you're coachable, willing to learn, and ready to take action.

What's the catch?

No catch. The #ListenToYourBody course is free for you. I'm showing up live and doing my best teaching because I know this framework is powerful. These are the exact tools that have helped me and my clients trust their bodies and fluff. It took me 10 years of trial and error to learn these lessons...but I don't want it to take you that long. You have a badass life to be living.

And, I'll also be extending an invitation for you to join me for my new program with some special perks. If it feels aligned, great! If not, no pressure. You're not obligated.

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