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Hi, I'm Steph.

My mission is to help change-making women love their bodies & feel amazing without dieting.

I'm a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and USA Weightlifting coach who has been working in the online nutrition space for over a decade.

I totally know what you're going through...

My wonky relationship with food followed me straight from my Weight Watchers diet days into my paleo "lifestyle" days.

I traded a fear of fat for a fear of carbs.

I did clean-eating and macro-counting instead of "dieting" and calorie-counting.

But, I still felt like food ran my life.

I was terrified to take a rest day from the gym.

And even though I was focusing on getting strong in the gym, I still wanted to be thinner (even though I was already in a thin body).

Though paleo was a stepping stone away from traditional "dieting", it did NOT resolve the messed up beliefs I had about food.

I had to go one step further and find true food freedom for myself.

Now, I help former paleo-primal-low carb-keto-30 day reset eaters like me who feel trapped by all the "rules" do the same and get free.