Get Stronger. Live Bigger.

Introducing the Fierce Love Collective Monthly Membership...

For women who want to get stronger, own their inner power + redefine what they really want from life.

Sick of Diet Drama + The Pursuit of Smallness? So Are We.

We are the Fierce Love Collective. 

We're fed up with Diet culture and the relentless pursuit of making ourselves smaller in mind, body, and spirit...

We're women who are ready to nourish our bodies, get stronger, reconnect to our inner power, challenge societal standards, redefine our life on our terms, and take up hella space.

The Collective is a monthly membership program that delivers ongoing fitness, nutrition, and mindset work. This exclusive, inspirational, and actionable program follows the Core Four health framework: 

  •  Eat Nourishing Foods
  • Strengthen Your Body
  • Recharge Your Energy
  • Get Your Mindset Right

Each month, you'll get coaching + resources from me via live masterclasses, workouts, mini-podcasts, articles, videos, guides, and more...  

...and since this is a Collective, enjoy the company of like-minded women who GET you.

I'm Steph Gaudreau...

Women's strength coach, holistic nutrition practitioner + fierce love rabble-rouser. My vision is that one day, little girls will grow up into strong women who respect their bodies, know their worth + take up space without the pressure of diets, the scale, and exercise as punishment. I created the Fierce Love Collective because that vision of a better world starts with you. 

I get it. I've been in your shoes. I waged a decades-long battle with my body, trying to shrink it in every way possible from chronic cardio to damaging diets. It wasn't until I started nourishing and listening to my body, trusting myself more, and realizing that I was my own best expert that I found freedom and ease. I got stronger, my body found its best weight – without all the mental gymnastics...because who has time for that shit?! – and I found the courage to share my voice and gifts with the world.

When you show up and start unpacking your own beliefs about nutrition, fitness, and mindset, you get stronger, redefine your health on your terms, and live bigger. You'll learn how to nourish + strengthen your body, recharge your energy, and get your mindset right. You'll improve confidence, listen to your intuition + cultivate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience.

You are innately powerful. It's time to step up and own it. Click here to join the Collective.

Join the Fierce Love Collective

$37 / month

What's Inside the Monthly Fierce Love Collective?

Each month, you'll get ongoing access to me as your coach AND brand new, high-action content for each of the Core Four. Expect a mix of:

Live Masterclasses

Strength Workouts


Join me each month for a live video masterclass where I'm presenting on an in-depth topic. We'll deep dive and you'll be able to talk & interact w/ me.

Strong feels good. Build your strength with brand new workouts, complete with modifications for your level & equipment. 

Need some quick motivation or inspiration? Pop your earbuds in and soak in all the goodness of my members-only mini-podcasts.

Exclusive Content

All with Convenient Access...

 ...and Sweet Bonuses

Dive in deep to nutrition, fitness, and mindset topics, enjoy members-only recipes, and other fun goodies like printable PDF guides.

Log in and view your Fierce Love Collective membership right from your phone, tablet, or computer...take it anywhere.

Enjoy access to bonuses like a private online community, my most popular fitness programs Made Strong and Basic Barbell, and members-only surprises.

We Are Your People...

Is The Fierce Love Collective Right For You?

The Fierce Love Collective is a good fit for you if...

  • You're ready to let go of strict diet rules, the scale, and societal beauty standards.  
  • You're open to learning about the mind, body + spirit dimensions of health.
  • You want to connect with a group of like-minded women. 
  • You're ready to do the work it takes to redefine life of your terms.
  • You value the deep compassion + no BS approach of Fierce Love.

The code we live by... 

  • Rule No 1: Fuck what everyone else thinks you should be doing.
  • Rule No 2: A woman becomes free when she learns to respect and appreciate ALL of her. 
  • Rule No 3: Never apologize for taking up space.  
  • Rule No 4: Don't compare yourself. Full stop! There is only one YOU.  
  • Rule No 5: Be captivated by purpose and strength...not superficial crap.  
  • Rule No 6: Strong women inspire others to take actions that make them feel empowered.  
  • Rule No 7: Your strength and inner power is your beauty.

Join the Fierce Love Collective

$37 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a recurring or one-time payment?

The Fierce Love Collective is a recurring monthly subscription payment. Each month, you'll receive a LIVE group masterclass (60 min) and a combination of exclusive workouts, guides, articles, and more. Your card will be automatically billed each month unless you decide to cancel.

How does the Fierce Love Collective work?

Members get all their juicy content delivered throughout each month through the membership area on the website. All you have to do is log in and read, listen, and watch to your heart's desire. Each month, new content will be loaded into your members area automatically!

How is this different from the Harder to Kill Challenge?

The Harder to Kill Challenge is my deeper dive into the Core Four pillars of health...sequenced and structured out daily for 6 weeks for those who are ready for day-by-day guidance. It's like boot camp for your life. The Fierce Love Collective is like a little taste of that experience. It's perfect for those that want less committment or HTK Challenge alum who want to continue their experience, deepen their knowledge + add more tools to their life tool box.

What if I can't make it to the monthly masterclasses live?

Absolutely don't stress! All the recordings will be available in the archives for as long as you're a member.

What if I want to unsubscribe?

You can totally do that at any time. I'll be sad to see you go but I don't want you to stay if it's not the right fit. Remember that when you unsubscribe, you'll lose access to all the members-only content, bonuses, and private group.

Join the Fierce Love Collective

$37 / month