Get Stronger, Reclaim Your Energy & Own Your Power

You'll go from overwhelmed and confused about your health to clear, consistent, and confident.

My signature 4-pillar approach will help you get stronger, embrace your body, and own your power. Gone are the days of strict diets and slogging away on an elliptical for hours a day.

The Core 4 Program has helped thousands of women from all over the world feel stronger, appreciate their body for what it can do (instead of only how it looks)...and step into their badassness.



It's time to step into your strength.

Ten years ago, decades of picking my body apart on the daily, obsessing about food, and trying to be perfect, I reached my limit.

It took me almost a decade to learn and gather all the tools that helped me to get stronger, get my energy back, and own my inner power. I don't want it to take you that long.

You have a life – a bold, well-fed life – to live.

I'm here to help you have a clear plan, get stronger, and reach your goals.

I'll help you eat for energy, build muscle, take the rest you need it, and build positive mindset skills.

Sure, the best time to start would have been 10 years ago. But the second-best time is now.

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Hey, I'm Steph Gaudreau.

I'm the creator of the Core 4 Program and Listen to Your Body Podcast.

I believe that food and fitness should be practical, simple, fun, and enhance the quality of your life (instead of consuming it). I believe in helping women get strong (yup, let's build some muscle!), embrace their bodies, know their worth, and take up space…without the pressure of diets, the scale, or exercise as punishment.

I'm a multi-best selling author, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, strength coach, intuitive eating counselor, and podcaster.

When I started in the online nutrition space a decade ago, it was to share my journey with moving away from traditional diets and exercise as punishment.

Slowly, I began to experiment with nourishing my body and focusing on what it could do. Strength training changed everything for me.

Since then, I've mentored thousands of women as they've found their strength in body, mind, and spirit.