Wish feeling good in your body could be simple?

Reclaim your energy & feel good in your body with the Core 4 Program.


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Hey Friend, It's Time to Start Taking Up More Space

I see you over there giving it your best, doing what everyone tells you: eat less, move more. But I've gotta ask...how's it working for you? If you're like a lot of women I know, well, the simple answer is that it's not working. At all. 

It's hardly your fault though. That advice straight up isn't made for people who are ready to get off the diet culture rollercoaster for good. Sorting through all the noise can be frickin' overwhelming.

Know what else doesn't work? 

1200 calorie diets, obsessively counting your food, juice fasts, exercise as punishment, shame-y tactics, running on fumes, "starting again on Monday," trying to be perfect, and putting your damn self last all the time.

Instead, you need balance in 4 key areas of life – the Core 4 – to build your health from the inside-out. 

I'm here to coach you through the Core 4 Program so you can:

Feel better,

Own your inner power,

Move confidently through life,

Come home to your body, and 

Take up all the space.

It's time to start squeezing the sweet juice out of this life and drinking it up. We'll do it together.

Harder to Kill Challenge

How To Build Strength From the Inside-Out

Introducing the Core 4 pillars of health...

Eat Nourishing Foods

Move With Intention

Recharge Your Energy

Empower Your Mind

When you add in small but simple changes in these four areas, you'll feel more balanced, more powerful, and more at home in your body. 

Free yourself from confusing diet and exercise rules so you can focus on what really matters.

Program Features

Daily Lessons

Custom Meal Plan

Two Workout Levels

6 weeks of daily video-based lessons get you to take action about food, fitness, energy & mindset

If you want guidance, you'll get four weeks of custom meal plans from my partner, Real Plans.

Adapt the workouts to your level and equipment! Get a workout with bodyweight, dumbbells or a barbell.

Convenient Access

Private Community

 Sweet Bonuses

Log into the Core 4 Program right from your phone, tablet, or computer. Take it anywhere!

Stay connected in our closed private Facebook group.

Access for the life of the program, bonus guides, extra meal plans and more are all part of the package.

Your journey starts with a single click.


Testimonials for The Core 4

The most powerful lessons I learned were about positive mindset and renewing my energy…  

"I went into the program for the purpose of learning more about nutrition and fitness. But the most powerful lessons I learned were about positive mindset and renewing my energy. Putting physical and mental health as a primary focus for the first time through non-food and non-fitness channels was a game changer for me. Learning the tools to get the proper sleep and to train my mind to think more positively help me get through challenging times. It also helped me become a better friend to others and most importantly, to myself."

Julie Jones

It has taught me that there is another, much better way to truly take care of yourself…  

"[The Core 4 Program} has been very grounding for me. It has taught me that there is another, much better way to truly take care of yourself than what is presented in the current culture. It exemplifies what health, gratitude and strength really mean. I am in a much better place and at peace with my body because of the [program]. I continue to follow its principles daily!"

Sam Noe

I feel more energized, more focused & more motivated to continue to change…  

"When I committed to the [Core 4 Program] my primary focus had been on improving strength. As the challenge progressed though and life through it’s curve-balls at me, strength had to go on the back burner initially and my focus had to shift to the other pillars somewhat, and it seems that I lucked out because with Steph’s help & guidance I was able to make small but sustainable changes which had a positive knock on effect across all areas of my life. I’m moving more, I’m drinking more water, sleeping better, have a more positive & stable outlook on life, and as a result I feel more energized, more focused & more motivated to continue to change… Steph is an amazing coach and an inspiring woman, and she very obviously puts her heart & soul into this challenge to help those taking part. I can’t thank her enough."

Julie McBrinn

I call this challenge the “challenge to end all challenges”…  

"I have been hopping from meal plan to meal plan, workout plan to workout plan, quick fix to quick fix for so long. I call this challenge the “challenge to end all challenges” because Steph has empowered me with the tools and knowledge I need to live a holistically healthy life. This is not a weight loss challenge, although you’ll see positive physical change, it is so much more. I felt for a long time that I was doing everything perfectly–eating low calorie and working out 6 days a week for an hour sometimes two. I was unknowingly beating myself into the ground and sacrificing energy I could have been using to enjoy life. Through Steph’s gentle, and sometimes tough love, I learned how backwards this all-or-nothing thinking is! I strongly believe Steph is a leader in a movement to change how the fitness industry thinks, and I’m so glad she is my coach. The support from both Steph and other challenge group members is unparalleled. I cannot recommend this challenge enough."  

Abby Taylor

I’m much happier, more mindful, and better rested…  

"When I signed up, I was in a workout rut and looking for a new strength program. I never imagined I’d get so much out of it. Not only did I see physical changes, but my eating and exercise habits have improved, and I’m much happier, more mindful, and better rested. Best of all, the support made all the changes feel easy and sustainable.”

Petra Sankari

I now have better sleep, mood, strength, and confidence…  

"Finally a program that didn’t make me ask ‘now what?’ once it was over. I now have better sleep, mood, strength, and confidence in my body and what it can do. And most importantly, now I have all the tools and skills to make this a long-term lifestyle change.”

Clara Zijlstra

Is the Core 4 Program Right For You?

The Core 4 Program is a good fit for you if...

- You're sick of feeling hungry and deprived all the time when it comes to food.

- You crave a sense of balance.

- You don't have two hours a day, seven days a week to work out.

- You've got a busy life with a lot of demands.

- You want to be stronger, more capable, and more confident.  

- You're ready to say buh-bye to diet culture.

- You want to experience:  

  • Glowing, clearer skin
  • Steady energy all day long
  • Stronger muscles
  • A clearer mind (no more brain fog!)
  • More confidence
  • Better digestion
  • More happiness and laughter 

Your journey starts with a single click.


Testimonials for The Core 4

"It’s changed my eating habits, my attitude to fitness, my attitude towards my own body, and really helped improve the techniques of my lifting. Even though we all have a pretty good idea of what we should be doing – exercise and diet wise – it’s still pretty hard to actually do it! The [Core 4 Program] was an amazing guide – the daily emails, support group, the freaking awesome meal plans and all the extras… It’s one day at a time one small thing to focus on at a time – but by the end of the last day, I realized that I’d slowly changed my habits and attitudes. I really, sincerely cannot recommend this program enough! I love it." 

– Rosemary H.  

"I cannot thank you enough for the incredible amount of support that you, your program and the community that you built along the way have given me since the start of the challenge and continue to give me day in and day out. The daily lessons and videos were so genuine that they really made me stop and reevaluate my life, my priorities and my own inner voice. When we started the challenge the biggest opportunity for me was in finding a balance between life and fitness — throughout those six weeks and the use of the four pillars I made so much progress that my closest friend (who actually didn’t know the specifics about the challenge details) noticed the positive change in my energy and mindset. The life-lessons I learned through this process continue to serve me every day and I am still finding new ways to live a better and more fulfilling life. Words cannot express my gratitude for the impact that you have made on me and my mindset — you have without a doubt made me #hardertokill 🙂" 

– Kate S.

"The [Core 4 Program] has improved my life in SO many ways it’s difficult to summarize. It was truly a life changing experience. I joined the challenge to get my rear back in gear with exercise, but I learned quickly this challenge was going to impact every area of my life. I learned my relationship with food needed more attention than I thought, I got excited about lifting things again (!), and I got back in touch with who I am and what’s important to me. Not to mention a ton of recipes and kitchen hacks that save me time and $$. Steph truly has a gift and I’m so grateful to have found her and this challenge!!" 

– Shannon H. 

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Steph and the [Core 4 Program]. It was truly a transformative experience. Her daily lessons helped me to change the way I think and speak. I grew stronger in more than just physical strength. I also became stronger mentally. I discovered new ways to renew my energy. In just six weeks, I went from feeling lethargic and burnt out constantly to having the energy to complete my work each day in addition to getting in exercise and much needed family and alone time. I highly recommend the [Core 4 Program]. Steph offers a great balance of encouragement and tough love and she is a wealth of knowledge. The Facebook group provided a great sense of community and support for an online challenge. Thank you again Steph for all you have done for me..." 

– Amanda B.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different?

This isn’t some crazy crash diet or juice detox. You won’t feel deprived. You’ll be nourishing yourself with real food to fuel your body and balance your hormones. You’ll get stronger, improve digestion, and calm inflammation. You won’t be spending 7 days a week in the gym. You’ll get stronger (and have fun!) and your confidence will soar.

How is this different from your book?

The program goes above and beyond what you learn in the book and provides 2 more weeks of lessons. The program comes with a private online community for support. You'll also get daily videos, a fitness video library, a 4-week subscription to Real Plans, and so much more.

How will I know this is right for me?

You'll know whether it’s right for you or not when you tap into your intuition. Listen to your gut! If you're a little nervous and a little excited, that's a good sign. Tells you you're on the edge of your comfort zone.

How do I access the program?

The day the program starts, you’ll log in to the website to access each day’s content. There, you’ll read that day’s topics and take action on something related to nutrition, fitness or mindset.  

What kind of equipment do I need? 

Remember, you get to pick what's right for you. For the strength portion, you'll probably want a couple sets of dumbbells and a bench or sturdy box. If you choose the barbell option, you'll want a barbell, plates, a squat rack, and a bench.

Does it come with a meal plan?

You'll enjoy 4 weeks of free custom meal plans from my partner, Real Plans. Choose from over 1500 nourishing recipes and customize exactly what you like! They have something to suit your needs and tastes.

30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I want you to be satisifed. Try the Core 4 Program for 30 days. Reading and gathering information are great, but consistent action is really where all the magic happens. If you participte fully in the daily challenges, I know you're going to start feeling stronger and more powerful.  

However, if for some reason you aren't satisified, turn in all your worksheets fully filled out, and I'll give refund your purchase price within the first 30 days. 

Your journey starts with a single click.

 *Refund conditions that may apply:  

  • Deadline to apply for a refund is 30 days from date of purchase.
  • I will ask for all completed worksheets, pledges, etc that go along with the daily challenges from the first 30 days to make sure you gave it a try. I’ll also ask what about it didn’t work for you so that I can learn and improve.
  • After you submit the program work, it’s up to company discretion whether a refund will be issued.
  • I’m here to serve people who are committed to making a change, and I pour time and energy daily into coaching and being of service in our private community to ensure you have the best possible experience. Please enroll only if you're committed.